U.S. pest invasions date back to early settlers

Yahoo News; 10/10/2011
Excerpt:   “Foreign pests hitched their first ride to North America aboard ships carrying early European settlers, and many quickly developed an appetite for the continent’s crops and trees.
European earthworms lurking either in the settlers’ potted plants or in the ballast that steadied their ships on the ocean crossing were among those initial invaders.
The slimy intruders found a smorgasbord in the vast northern forests where glaciers had killed off all native worms during the last ice age, said Cindy Hale, a natural resources research associate at the University of Minnesota in Duluth….”

Read more at  http://www.marconews.com/news/2011/oct/10/us-pest-invasions-date-back-early-settlers/?partner=yahoo_feeds

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