Local group to sue over herbicide spraying

Helena Independent Record; 9/28/2011
Excerpt:   “Aerial application of herbicides including clopyralid and picloram is planned to take place next week on 1,200 acres in the Ogden Mountain and Nevada Mountain areas to try to knock back spotted knapweed infestations, but it may be subject to a lawsuit.
Treatment of lands on the Helena National Forest, as well as on private property in the area, is part of an ongoing effort, according to Shawn Heinert, the Lincoln Ranger District’s rangeland specialist. It should only take a few days at the most, but they hope to conclude aerial operations by Oct. 14….”



Read more at  http://helenair.com/news/local/local-group-to-sue-over-herbicide-spraying/article_72b09696-e998-11e0-abbe-001cc4c002e0.html

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