Coloradoan; 2/25/2012
Excerpt:   “
For James Shaklee, there’s something powerful about climbing the mountains and hills in the roadless areas and wilderness areas in Larimer County and looking down on wild lands free of houses, roads and reservoirs.
“I personally like the solitude,” said Shaklee, an avid hiker from Rist Canyon. “I feel refreshed and invigorated by being in nature and without having a heavy imprint of man all around me.”
Many of those wild places Shaklee spends time in are roadless areas in Roosevelt National Forest, areas of the forest that the federal government has decided should be left undeveloped.
The future of roadless land in Colorado is uncertain, however, because the federal government is expected to make a decision next month between a roadless area management rule unique to Colorado and one that could apply to all 50 states – a rule favored by many environmentalists but opposed by industry…….”
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