Wildfires: Threat from S.C. to New Mexico

The State; 1/01/2012
Excerpt:   “
JEMEZ SPRINGS , N.M — . – From the floor of a dry lake bed rimmed by dark mountains, it’s easy to understand why people still talk about the historic wildfire that swept through northern New Mexico last summer.
Blackened trees dominate parts of the sloping forest near this small town. In places, the soil beneath the charred woodland is gray and slippery, the earth so lifeless it will take years for native conifers to grow back. Creeks where thousands of fish died flow silently as nature tries to recover.
The intensity of the June 2011 fire contributed to this stark winter scene at the Valles Caldera National Preserve, but the devastation found in New Mexico should be no surprise to other communities  across the nation.
In places as far away as South Carolina, where millions of dollars worth of property has been destroyed from unprecedented forest fires in recent years, past forest management practices have increased the threat of dangerous woods fires to people and wildlife, many natural resource managers say……”
Read more at  http://www.thestate.com/2012/01/01/2097163/threat-from-sc-to-new-mexico.html

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