Commissioners to vote on support for Forest Service management of volcano

The Daily News; 5/1/2012
Excerpt:   “
Commissioners in two of the three counties surrounding Mount St. Helens have passed a resolution supporting continued Forest Service management of Mount St. Helens — but Cowlitz County officials won’t make a decision until next week.

Cowlitz County Commissioner George Raiter said it’s likely commissioners here will approve the resolution, too, but he wants to wait for Commissioner Mike Karnofski to return from vacation before deciding. The earliest Cowlitz officials will vote is May 8.   …”
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Wyoming plans to kill most wolves outside Yellowstone

Summit County Voice 5/1/2012
Excerpt:   “
SUMMIT COUNTY —Wyoming officials are pressing ahead with their plan to kill most wolves living outside Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. The state recently passed legislation and an amendment to its wolf management plan that’s close to gaining approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, triggering the final removal of Endangered Species Act protection for the predators.

The new law and plan would take effect later this year when wolves are removed from the federal endangered species list. The state wants to increase the area where wolves would be designated as predators and could be killed without limit; they also keep in place a trophy game management area, where hunting will be allowed to dramatically reduce wolf populations.   ….”
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